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Glass Railings


Practicality and safety. For the manufacture of structures, durable tempered 12-20 mm glass or triplex is used.
Design. Visually, such railings make the space airy and lighter. The material will organically fit into the interior of any style.
Long service life. Tempered glass up to 20 mm thick does not break, it can withstand blows and even shots from pneumatic weapons. Triplex products, when hit hard, do not break into large fragments that can harm you, but crumble into many non-sharp fragments.

Cable Railings


Strength. The cables are able to withstand the most intense loads, the products are quite resistant to deformation.
Aesthetics. The diameter of the rope is almost weightless, visually look neat and elegant.
Durability. The cables are covered with a special coating and are able to withstand the effects of the environment, even corrosion. Due to this, the product has a fairly long warranty period.
Safety. Equipped with special fasteners, they are securely fixed between the racks and do not allow sagging.

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What People Say:

Recommend! Excellent work. We ordered kitchen cabinets for our house. We are satisfied with the quality.

Great quality work! Victor did both my kitchen cabinets and my glass shower enclosure. The cabinets were high quality and they were able to add beautiful custom details to standard cabinets. The glass was super high quality and looks beautiful in my master bathroom.

The guys are nice and reliable, did everything on time. Recommend.

Victor put in our cabinets and we couldn't be happier! Excellent quality and workmanship. We were extremely pleased with his communication during the process. He always kept us up to date and in the loop.

Excellent job!!

Prompt and professional!

Helped us install glass shower enclosures during a home remodel and recently helped us out on short notice with a minor repair.

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