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Imagination Group offers a variety of window coverings to suit individual tastes.

We have all types of blindsshades, shutters in different materials.

There are plenty of colors, fabrics, textures and designs to choose from to create your stylish custom window coverings.



Window shutters are extremely versatile and can look modern, transitional or traditional depending on how and where you use them. 

Our high-quality shutters will last for years. We back all out shutters with a 10-year warranty.

Non-standard windows? Not a problem. Shutters can be designed to fit any window

With shutters installed, you’ll need to spend less time running your AC and heating to keep your building at the right temperature. Shutters are not only good for your energy bills, but they’re also good for the environment.

Installing shutters has been proven to reduce the level of noise entering your property from outside, helping you to shut out any busy traffic or noisy neighbours that might disturb your morning.



Best for any light needs from blackout to barely there, roller shades come in any color, pattern and style you can desire.

Roller shades don’t require much fabric so their price is more reasonable.​ Curtains and drapes, typically require a lot of fabric, which adds to their costs.

Roller shades take up less space as they are nearly invisible when rolled up.

Can be adjusted with a remote control or smart device app to adjust privacy and light. This also makes them suitable for seniors with mobility issues

You can be sure to find roller shades to suit. Roller shades come in virtually every fabric, colour and pattern, allowing them to be installed in any room.



Blinds are one of the most common options for covering your windows.

Their options, benefits and choices make them a great solution for any home. 

Universal design that looks attractive in rooms of any purpose.

Blinds are convenient and easy to use, they are durable and durable.

Blinds are perfectly combined with other elements of window decoration, for example, with curtains and lambrequins.

They protect the room from sunlight and prying eyes, but do not limit the view from the window.

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